Going crazy managing multiple projects? Our project management software lets you organize multiple projects and be on top of all updates stress-free.

Work smarter


Threads that turn into tasks; a flexible workflow that gets work done.


All your projects and all your teams one click away.


Manage multiple projects using threads instead of chat or email.

Built for remote teams, by remote teams

Our team members struggled to handle Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Zoom, and Outlook. We felt unfocused and unproductive. We designed Simpletask to save time – our time – and it’s made all the difference in our workflows. Do you manage multiple projects at the same time? Try out Simpletasking for free and keep your head above water. Threads organize work in an easy and familiar way. Use threads to increase your team organization and productivity. Work from anywhere, threads make remote work easy and removes time barriers.

Multiple projects, complete control

Effortlessly manage multiple projects. Like an inbox, projects with activity move to the top. Select a project and get access to a multi-level thread, a kanban board, a team page and chat. Decide what tools to use for each project.

Our platform is ideal for business offering their clients an unlimited monthly service like design, wordpress maintenance, marketing consultation, etc. Your clients get an easy to use platform, while your team mantains a central place to collaborate and get your client work done.

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Multiple projects in less time. We make working on your projects, fast & easy. You are wasting time and money swithching between applications. 90% of our users save an average of two hours of work every week. What will you do with the time and money you will save?